Lifeguard color that speaks to you

I'm Freezing
I'm Freezing  #00187

I'm Freezing #00187

Coming Home  #00151

Coming Home #00151

Coming Home  #00151
Slumber Party  #00177
Slumber Party  #00177

Slumber Party #00177

Heralded as the ultimate protection against life’s mishaps. LifeGuard – Backed by Blue comes with Shaw’s spill-proof backing, keeping 100% of all spills, splatters, and accidents contained for complete clean-up protection. Additionally, all LifeGuard carpets are treated with Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Resistance which also reduces airborne household odors.

Shaw recently introduced the “Color That Speaks to You” wall with 138 colors to effortlessly carry your design vision throughout your home. Each color, coming in a Good, Better, and Better with Blue options are all made with the premium Anso Nylon yarn designed to withstand signs of abrasive wear. Additionally, they introduced three patterns with 20 coordinating colors. At Carpet Mart, we not only showcase this beautiful wall, but also stock full rolls of the top selling colors to save you time and money.

We like to see it before we believe it. LifeGuard made big claims about a spill-proof back, so we decided to test it. We took it to the beach, dug an 8’x6’ hole in the sand, placed the LifeGuard carpet in the hole, filled it with lake water, and played a good old-fashioned game of tug-of-war. Of course, kids ended up in the pit and decided to turn it into a hot tub. Needless to say, we got the test we wanted. We let it sit overnight and then bailed out all the water we could. When we lifted the LifeGuard carpet out of the pit, the sand underneath was perfectly dry, and we were wowed.

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